Grow Log, Home: Round 3

Grow log for my home hydroponics setup, round 3.

2022-04-14: Planted strawberry starters.
2022-04-21: Observed fresh white roots shooting out horizontally.
2022-04-23: Cut flower buds off BCDEF.
2022-04-24: Measured EC at 1.2 and pH at 6.8. Added 20 mL of pH down.
2022-04-25: Measured pH at 6.2.
2022-04-28: Cut a bud off of E.
2022-05-01: Cut buds off BCDF.
- too many buds, no longer tracking
2022-05-05: Noticed some young leaves are brownish. Turned grow lights down to 50%.
2022-05-22: Noticed sticky leaves and white flecks. There's tons of aphids.
2022-05-24: Sprayed all plants liberally with aphid spray and rinsed off after.
2022-05-27: Noticed aphids are still alive. Ordered more spray.
2022-06-01: Dunked plants in aphid spray, rinsed off with water.
2022-06-04: Dunked plants in aphid spray again, dunked in freshwater, transferred plants back. Measured pH at 4.0. Added more water to bring it up to 5.6. EC at 0.8
2022-06-19: Swapped nutes for General Hydroponics. (2nd preparation below)
2022-06-20: Noticed some sort of powdery mildew at base of leaves on a couple plants. Rinsed all with water and removed dead leaves.
2022-06-??: Started hand-pollinating with a q-tip. Breaks cotton up.
2022-07-05: Measured pH at 4.4, EC at 2.1. Added 5 gal water to bring it up to pH 5.5, EC at 1.4. Tons of flowers, pollinated with small brush.
2022-07-19: Measured ph at 3.8, EC at 1.8. Added 5 gal water. Measure later.
2022-07-20: Ate first strawberry. It was delicious.
2022-07-23: Way too much mould, aphids, and dead leaves. Terminated.


  • boiled clay balls to sterilize
  • rinsed dirt off 6 strawberry starters
    • three normal
    • two pulled thick roots out and broke away rest
    • one washed with Method hand soap
  • 90 L-ish growth solution prepared
    • up to bottom of net cups
    • 100 ml plant food to 1.2 EC from 0.3 EC tap water
    • 20 ml pH down to 6.0 pH from 6.5 pH with food
  • holes cut in net cups, roots thread through
  • remaining space filled with clay balls
  • tote lid covered with aluminum foil
  • air stone added to one side
  • 16 hours of light

2nd Preparation

  • drained tote with 5 gal buckets, washed out with water
  • transferred 20 gal with 4 x 5 gal bucket trips
  • measured plain water EC at 0.2
  • added 132 mL Bloom, 94 mL Micro, 94 mL Gro
  • measured 1.7 EC, 6.5 pH
    • difference of 1.5 EC
  • added 15 mL pH down to 6.2 pH
  • ** stole 5 gal for Protospace